I Am a Grammar Nazi is a song by Jessica Plz. The song was released in 2014 as part of the album Keith.


This work is NSPBG

(Not Safe for People with Bad Grammar).

Don't tell me I missed two letters.

That's grammar, baby.

I am a Grammar Nazi.

There is nothing such as "an giraffe."

I am a Grammar Nazi.

Everyone gets annoyed, but hey, I'm better than Cosmobo.

That guy has terrible grammar.

I annoy people wherever I go.

When my Grammar Naziness goes outta control.

They say "I just saw a epic movie tonight, LMAO."

I corrected "It's an epic movie, dude.

"This is why we have grammar lessons."

Of course, I said it in a joking manner.

I was kicked out of the club.

'Cos I am a...

Grammar, Grammar, Grammar Nazi.

There is nothin' such as "an giraffe."

I am a Grammar, Grammar Nazi.

But I don't care-are-are-are-are.

The last straw was when someone said

"I used to go to see weird TV show every day.

"When me and her was little."

I just lost it and said

"Did you hear a word I just said?!

"Go brush up on your grammar.

"Or you'll end up like some weird teen.

"Who hangs out in the streets.

"With your "gangsta" talk.

"It be" should be "it is," god lag it.

"What's "gangsta?"

"What's "cuz?"

"The proper words are "gangster," "because" or "cousin."

"Damn it, you guys.

"Brush up on your teeth, too.

"Come to think about it, I don't do that.

"But you're driving my Grammar Naziness INSANE!"

I'm losin' my mind and it's epic.

(I'm losing my mind) I am a Grammar, Grammar, Grammar Nazi.

There's nothing such as "an giraffe." (You're driving me crazy)

I am a Grammar, Grammar, Grammar Nazi.

Caps lock is annoying, too.

So in the meanwhile, brush up on your grammar.

Or I'll make you sing and dance to the Macarena!

[Macarena plays in the background]

Bite me, emo kid.


  • The music video premiered on Kerrang! in the UK on June 25th, 2015 and was aired right after the Papa Roach song Scars.
  • The radio edit shortens the guitar solo and mutes these lines:
    • Every use of the word Nazi in the chorus.
    • "They say, "I just saw a epic movie tonight. LMAO!"
    • "Damn it, you guys."
    • "But you're driving my Grammar Naziness INSANE!"
  • When the line "I'm losing my mind and it's epic," is spoken in the music video, clips from the music video of Faith No More's song Epic is shown.
  • Clips of the music video to The Macarena is shown after " to the Macarena!"
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